Pisler Furniture Rental provides furniture and households within 2 or 3 days in Switzerland. Furniture for Home, Events and Home Staging.

cost effective

Renting furniture when you are an expatriate is a good option that avoids the costs of a hotel stay.

wide range

Pisler Furniture Rental offers you a wide selection of rental to match your style and budget.

Short Term

Rent furniture from 1 to 3 months

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Mid / Long Term

Rent furniture from 4 months or to more than 1 year



Rent furniture for your exclusive Event


Home Staging

Rent furniture for your Home Staging project


Rent office furniture to avoid a large buying investment


THANKS SO MUCH !! Finding the house furnished was a big PLUS for the whole family - I really appreciate that ! Everything looks great – David loved his office and the dining table was a big hit across the family.
A big thank you to your guys who were efficient, friendly, on time and helpful. I am very impressed with the service you offer.
Hello Eric, Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback, I informed our moving team. You know that we appreciate working with you a lot. Wonderful. Thank you Eric. Everything has been terrific with the furniture.